Monday, September 26, 2011

Four Things

Gold Watches
I am dying to get a Gold watch. I wear A Lot of gold, and a gold watch completes and outfit for me. I just need to make a choice on which gold watch to get. Suggestion?

Head Scarves
Many neck scarves can be used as head scarves an I really want to add more to my closet at the fall sets in. I am looking for cool ones that in the photo below. If you have the perfect place I can find some PLEASE leave a comment.

White Blazers
This fall I really want to add some different things to my style. I don't own a white blazer and I think its time to add one. DC Fall's are so beautiful an a white blazer would be perfect. Please leave a comment letting me know what brands/stores make great quality and affordable white blazers.

Denim Shirts
I Love denim shirts and I already own a few. This is going to be a big trend for this fall. Denim shirts can be paired with any color pant and handbags, just like jeans of course. The Kardashian sisters wear them well below.

I am SOOOO excited fall is hear I can not say it enough. 

XO Kayla