Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Cheer

Good Morning Loves!
I hope that everyone had a great day with their families this Christmas! We all have to remember that the holiday is not about us but about giving back and cherishing memories with the people we love. I had the opportunity to spend Christmas with my family in Florida this year. Sarasota is a great place to spend Christmas because although it is December it is still 78 degrees outside. The weather is beautiful. My family and I also had the pleasure of meeting my cousin, Pearl, who lives in my families home city, Boston. She is the daughter of my uncle Will. She is quiet but we are truly enjoying her and so blessed that we are able to spend these weeks with her.Overall it was a great day! Everyone received some great gifts and my grandmother made some great food! I also made some amazing cookies! How was your Christmas? What did you get this year?

 A sunset in Florida is like no other. Amazing!
Cousin Pearl, my brother, and cousin William lounging after opening gifts. 
 Chocolate chips cookies with my famous icing!
 My brother and cousin Pearl. She looks like my mother. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday JOY

Good morning everyone!
I hope that everyone has had a fabulous weekend, I know I have. Today my family and I attended a new church in Tampa. The speaker, Pastor John spoke on Joy. I knew that this message was for me. As I have been emotionally stabilizing and maturing as a young women, I believe this word was the missing piece in my recent journey. I have always been a really happy person and even though that is something  I have found again happiness and Joy are different. Joy comes from a source, the one who holds your heart. That person for me is Jesus Christ. He is the source of my joy. Life is crazy and sometimes you can't always control everything but you can figure out ways to keep and find Joy. Pastor John shared with us 6 ways to find Joy.

1. Get back to the source of Joy
Rediscover who gives you joy and who and what you live for. This will allow you to centralize your life and remain unmoved when you go through the trials and tribulations of this world. Never for get who is your source.
2. Embrace your unique design
It is hard to be joyful when you dislike who you are. God made everyone different, he made everyone for a reason. It is hard to radiate joy when you don't feel joy inside. How could you insult God and tell him his creation is not good enough? Accept who you are and be joyful in that.
3. Get on back up!
Stop swatting at your past and embrace your future. Don't allow the things that have broken you down keep you down. Get your joy back! Don't allow people to keep you down either. Stay away from vampires. Vampires are people that suck the life out of you with their negativity and doubt. Cut those people out of your life. Sometimes those vampires are family or people you are forced to be around. When it comes to those people learn to show them grace because you too are a vampire. There are people in your life who may feel you suck the life out of them in different ways, so show grace and patience to the people who do it to you. After dealing with those people, because you must, do something that gives you joy. Call a friend who gives you encouragement. Allow those people who to help you becomes full again after being drained.
4. Laugh often
Never take yourself or life too seriously. Learn to laugh at your self and bring humor to all aspects of your life. 
5. Develop life-giving relationships
Bring people in your life that bring joy. Everyone needs friends. If Jesus had friends you need friends. Surround yourself with people that encourage you and make you better. Always remember though, people don't want to be friends with people who aren't friendly. Radiate positivity and befriend those who are in need of friends. Open your circle and share God's light because Joy is community. 
6. Focus on others more than yourself and keep a humble heart
Keep a low position. Never get too high that you look down on others. Remember that Jesus came from his high place to this low place for US. He put us before his flesh and died for people who spit in his face. If God can, we should live with his very heart. You are his child but remember you are adopted  He choose YOU. Give yourself away from the same heart as Jesus Christ. 

I hope that you all enjoyed the word as much as I did! Let Joy overflow from your heart! 

XO Kayla Monae

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Looks of the Week!

My idol Kerry Washington Looks great this week! Everyone watch Scandal at 10pm on abc!
               I see you Kourtney K. These shoes are GLAM! You can find them HERE
 Emma is rocking this green leather Skirt. Love it!

Good Evening Loves!
I hope everyone is having a blessed holiday season! I know that I have been somewhat absent in terms of post for the past few months but those days are done! I want to keep ITG updated and keep sharing my passion with my you all, my amazing followers! I am going to continue to share more of my personal life as well as my business ventures. Today we will start with a "Looks of the Week" post. Enjoy! 

Oiliva Palermo is always so stylish. Great look!
Have not seen a suit like this in a while. Not sure if I'm like the pose but the outfit is glamorous! 
Love this burnt orange Blake is rocking. Great look!
I believe this Catherine Malandrino dress would have looked better on a more tan, curvy, dark haired women but I still without a doubt love it. Great choice Kristen! 

XO Kayla Monae

Monday, December 10, 2012

Flight 591

I question my physiological stability often. Wondering How. Truly trying to swallow what this love has done to the person I once was, for the good and bad. Who is this person whose core refuses to give up, passion relentless, accepting only my reality? A missing and longing that occurs in naive, where even after time has passed us I still embark on experiences, on moments where I turn to the left with a smile to speak as if you would be there, trying to share with the presence of you which is merely inside of me. Living in the past memories of prosperity. Fighting back familiar emotions as I fasten myself in my seat. 
28 F. I'm thanking God for this window seat as I can not predict my behavior, behavior that while altered over the weeks all have a common denominator of unfamiliar. Where are the answers? Are they in the cloud wrappings of silk made by my Lord just yet to be seen? The engine pulsates preparing to take all of me over this relentless inquiry. I Can't help but seek the greater lesson. Is is strength? Is it patience? A word I realize I may not understand, a word that has been absent in my consciousness until this.Why was I allowed the have a love so immense?

Wondering HowPhilosophizing how maybe in my mind I created a strength for it that it had yet to mature to. Too confident in the will against adversity, confident in words of investment, confident in a foundation that was yet to be finished. A foundation the passion of my core will always want to build regardless of space, time, or moments pass. Regardless of the love yet returned.We are glazing to a cruise height, putting the frustration beneath me. Wanting a smile that's not hiding hurt, eyes that seek knowledge showing no fear. Stability I am assured. A landing as graceful as the touch of my fathers hand.
Wondering How, I have strayed so far from him yet I question why some things soil beneath my fingers. Why these impulses cause tragedies and in some of my words linger venom. Of course HE is the answer. Lifting off, let me soar over a river of his gracious waters; sobering my mind, healing my heart. Prevent me from chilling to ice. Let the consciousness of these efforts be unyielding and the blessing of these lessons comprehended. Landing on the start of a positive trail, blazing for progress being slow to speak, fueled by the tenacious want to fulfill my greater purpose; the champion I was born to be. Within him is everything I need. 
I still can't help but look out this petite window hoping to find the answers for my hearts wants. Seems like they hear not my minds plea. Fighting tears of hopeless, this love halting the oxygen to my brain. So quick, like the depletion of oxygen in my lunge's every time our eyes meet.
He spoke. Sometimes the answer to my question is, to stop asking questions.