Monday, September 26, 2011

Four Things

Gold Watches
I am dying to get a Gold watch. I wear A Lot of gold, and a gold watch completes and outfit for me. I just need to make a choice on which gold watch to get. Suggestion?

Head Scarves
Many neck scarves can be used as head scarves an I really want to add more to my closet at the fall sets in. I am looking for cool ones that in the photo below. If you have the perfect place I can find some PLEASE leave a comment.

White Blazers
This fall I really want to add some different things to my style. I don't own a white blazer and I think its time to add one. DC Fall's are so beautiful an a white blazer would be perfect. Please leave a comment letting me know what brands/stores make great quality and affordable white blazers.

Denim Shirts
I Love denim shirts and I already own a few. This is going to be a big trend for this fall. Denim shirts can be paired with any color pant and handbags, just like jeans of course. The Kardashian sisters wear them well below.

I am SOOOO excited fall is hear I can not say it enough. 

XO Kayla

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Troy Davis

The Troy Davis case has been one of the turning points in our country when it comes to how effective our judicial system is. In case some of your are unaware of the trail Davis, 42, was accused of murdering a police officer in 1989. He was convicted of the slaying of Officer Mark MacPhail in 1991. Since his arrest, Davis has repeatedly said he was an innocent man. During Davis’ 1991 trial, several witnesses testified they had seen Davis shoot MacPhail, and two others testified that Davis had confessed to them. Although the murder weapon was not recoveredballistic evidence presented at trial linked bullets recovered at or near the scene to those at another shooting in which Davis was also charged. After a trial before a jury of seven blacks and five whites, in which 34 witnesses were called for the prosecution and six for the defense (including Davis), he was convicted of murder and various lesser charges, including the earlier shooting, and was sentenced to death in August 1991.

Now with their being no physical evidence I don't understand how death is even an option. There have been tons of trials across this country where there has be physical evidence and people were only sentenced to life. I don't understand. This was a racially motivated trial. I am embarrassed no only of our judiciary system and my home state of Georgia. 

Following the original trial, seven witnesses changed or recanted all or part of their testimony. Many witnesses admitted to being pressured by police. Davis and his lawyers argued that the racial composition of the jury and poor advocacy from his lawyers had affected his right to a fair trial. The limited ability to appeal his conviction, due in part to the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, was one reason cited for the international attention to the case. 

My school ( Howard University) along with many schools across the country have held a number of protest against the killing of Troy an I’m just speechless. A man, most probably innocent was put to death-when it was perfectly clear there was a great possibility he was not the killer. I am amazed. How can humans kill another in the face of newly developing evidence? Who would it have hurt to have at least have given him time so that his case could be examined more clearly? This whole care is not about race its about justice overall. 
What can we do as the people of this country to ensure justice? 

Kardashian Inspiration

Dark green pants are a must for this fall!

Kardashian Inspiration

Firetrap skinny leg pants
£19 -

Lucky Brand bohemian boots
$199 -

Fiorelli leather handbag
$137 -

Michael Kors two tone jewelry
$225 -

Betsey johnson jewelry
$45 -

Fielding Grey Metal Floral Wire Wall Decoration
£35 -

What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

This fall is going to be one of the best! 

XO Kayla

My Fall/Winter Season List!

So I have officially made my fall/winter season list! I have composed a list of  boots and shoes that I will be adding to my closet. As you guys know I am in the process of redecorating my room which is a lot of work but still super exciting, so doing this has me doing more and more each day. All of these shoes are comfortable, [for the most part] affordable, stylish, and will add great versatility to my closet. All shoe brands and prices are below.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Furry: Burgundy Accessories

Fall is showing some color! This fall is really going to cater to plum and burgundy, which excites me because this is a great color for my skin. I came across these heels on top shop and feel in love! I broke down an ordered them so look out for Trend post featuring them.

Fall Furry

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ivanka Trump 2011 Collection

The Ivanka Trump Collection 2011 is amazing. It fits my style in multiple ways. All of her shoes are made to fit many different types of women at affordable prices. I am really glad that she decided to make a line that is more available to regular Americans, instead of $700 shoes that many people, including myself, can not afford right now. Below are samples from her collections that I like the most. Check it out and tell me what you think.You can find the full collection here

Modern Classic








Red Carpet


I feel like the shoes are very simple but the details and colors make them versatile for multiple outfits in multiple locations.My 2 favorite out of these are the tall weekend boot, and the green suede shoes from modern classics. Which is your favorite? Leave a comment! Great Job Ivanka!

XO Kayla

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Emmy's Best Dressed

Julia Stiles looks amazing. This dress really flatters her shape. I would have suggested maybe a push up bra or just a  strap less bra in general but overall this was one of the best.

Sofia Vergara looks so beautiful. This coral vera wang dress is giving me everything! Go Modern Family! One of my favorite shows!

Evan Rachel Wood looks great. This dress is an amazing contrast with the red carpet and her skin. I love anything that sparkles! 

Sarah Hyland Looks amazing! There were so many A-List celebs there but Sara showed up ready to win best dressed!

Red On Red

 Kerri Washington dress is gorgeous! I love the sheer-ness the patter gives u at the bottom! She has lost a lot of weight which I am not sure if I love but I know I love this dress. 

Nina Dobrev had the best red dress in my opinion. The cut, the train, everything. This dress is giving me everything! Amazing! 

Kate Winslet red dress is very simple but fit her curves so nicely. I love the deep cut and the hair pulled back. One of the best. 

Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, and continue to make great television. 
XO Kayla