Saturday, September 14, 2013

Erotique Liqueur Launch with Vivica Fox & Laz Alonzo

photo (13)Saturday, September 7th, in the District of Columbia, Layla Lounge welcomed actors Vivica Fox and Laz Alonzo for the Launch of new Liqueur Line Erotique. The sexy vodka that is sold in sleek matte black bottles had all the party goers and fans turnt! Two of the four FUBU Owners were in attendance, as they are one of the liqueur’s significant investors. The lounge was filled with The District’s entertainment gatekeepers dressed in swanky clothes, all with glasses filled of Erotique Liqueur.
Erotique Liqueur was created last year by celebrity bartender, Trey Wheat. Three years ago, Wheat took a chance at creating a signature drink for at first night clubs in Maryland, then private events and  gatherings. Over the year he mixed over 5,000 bottles for clients, friends and family. By May 2012, the Liqueur has solidified investors and was named Erotique then brought into the market. “Lets Get Erotique”    

Radio personality and founder of TMG, Kayla Monae, attended the event with Host and Actress Milan Zoe. Zoe conducted a number of on camera interviews for TV network, Specialist TV. The program entitled, Urban Music Report, focuses not only urban music across the country but urban art and entertainment as well. 
Attending the event allowed The Monae Group to get the inside scoop and extended networks in the District. The classy launch featured five different type of mixes available for party goers.

photo 3RISQUE: 2 oz Erotique Liqueur, 3 oz pineapple juice
PSYCHOTIQUE: 1 oz Premium Vodka, 3 oz Erotique Liqueur
ORGASMIQUE: Moscato, topped with Erotique Liqueur
ROMANTIQUE: 1 oz Rum, 3 oz Erotique Liqueur
Erotique is a premium cocktail which uses a seductive blend of Vodka and tropical fruit flavors to stimulate your senses. This smooth mix makes for an impassioned experience sure to bring Everlasting Euphoria.

By Kayla Monae