Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Week[end] 2011

Hello everyone!
I know I have not posted in a while, but I have been enjoying being away from school and seeing my family. I want to thank everyone for all your support through my situation. I appreciate all your kind comments, you don't know how much they mean to me!
This year I was in Sarasota, Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday and it was amazing! The weather here is in the 80's, which I am not used to at all but I am glad I was able to experience it. Below are a few pictures from my time here visiting my family.

Just arrived in Tampa, Fl. 

 My mom and our family friend Osiris.

 My younger brother and I. He completes my heart!

 Studying non-stop for finals, even on the beach. It was extremely relaxing and I was able to focus.

 We are at Siesta Beach, in Siesta Keys, Fl.

Mi mama otra vez

 I have had this bathing suit forever, its my favorite! 

 The Sunset was absolutely amazing! 

Hope you enjoyed the post!
XO Kayla

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Music Awards Best Dressed!

These are my three best dressed from the AMA's! 

These three winners dresses have three things I love: Lace, Black, and glitter! Jennifer Lopez's dress is very much her style. This dress is something I expected from her in a way an as always its fabulous! Taylor Swift and Katherine Heigl also look so elegant and beautiful. I am in love the material and deep cut of Katherine's dress! Who is your winner? Overall the American Music Awards was an amazing show this year an congratulations to all the winners!
XO Kayla

Monday, November 21, 2011

5th Floor

I refuse to be broken for too long. Anything you want, you will. This fact gives me closure.
I come from strong women. I come from faith, from hard work, from strength, from pain. I come from champions, from over comers, from professionals, from hope. I come from intellect, from fabulousity, from ease. I come from people who are children of God, where his grace fits them to their curves and hold them when they can no longer hold themselves. I come from grace, from mercy, from fighters. These things have built me, stacked tall to 5 feet and 6 inches of abundance. I come from beauty, from grace, from class. I come from ladies, and so I shall bow out like a lady. Acting with respect even when it wasn't given to me. Speaking with honesty even when it wasn't spoken to me. Acting with care even when it wasn't granted to me.
The sun rises and falls the same way it has for hundreds of years. Nothing has changed like the suns rise an fall, only the way we view it. Life is about choices. The lord has given us the will to make our own. Sometimes you can't always make them but it is how you handle the ones that are made for you. You must live with the ones you do make. Always think first today in order to be proud tomorrow.

XO Kayla

Three Things

 Kurt Geiger London Clementine Pumps

I love these shoes! They stand out amazingly! I love the heel and the detail! I also love they are patent leather! These get the Gorgeous Award this week! 

Angela Simmons

As you know Vanessa Williams is becoming one of my favorite celebs. She is just so simply gorgeous and classy. This dress is beautiful! I love the cut outs and the scenery with the ocean behind the fence.

Floppy Hats

I am excited to wear a fierce floppy hat this fall! Hats becoming a major trend again thrills me! I have been looking for the perfect hat and may have found it at Urban Outfitters although I am still trying to decided if I should order it or keep looking. Leave a comment if you know any other places that have hats that are affordable and fabulous! 

XO Kayla

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Caught in Style: Fergie

My mistake everyone!! This is the Fabulous Fergie!

Gwen Stefani has always had great style in my opinion but lately while browsing outfitidentifier [as usual] I found numerous consecutive post of her amazing outfits. She has great variety in her looks although she wears her hair up in a bun a lot. Majority of the shoes she wears are by her line and I love them! Gwen's shoe line is extremely comfortable [many sources say] and affordable and I plan on adding some of them to my closet asap! The outfit above is my favorite! I love the sparkly detailed sleeves on this shirt and the fact she is in all black because that is also my signature.

I love the orange leather pants above! I haven't seen anyone in anything quiet like this and I love it. The dress below [left]  is one of my favorite! I love the pattern an texture and the length keeps it sexy. I have always been a fan of leather shorts and Gwen is wearing them amazingly below! I love that she paired print shoes with this outfit because it bring some glam to a somewhat simple look. 

I love Gwen Stefani and she gets the Gorgeous Award this week!

XO Kayla

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sky Inspirations

While walking home from our dress rehearsal today I was able to take a moment to appreciate God's creations. The sky's blue blue back color soothed me somehow as the soft looking clouds seemed to make perfect rows across the sky. The scenery made me happy, but then a sudden.....not sadness but confusion came over me. I began to think: Will I always have to look up and wish and wonder?
I wondered about my life hear in college. Will this education allow me to be successful? Where will I go from here? I had so many questions and the sky wasn't giving me answers. I beggggged. Sat out there for quiet sometime, but it wouldn't even talk to me. Rejection at its most silent; an those are the worst ones!

I wondered about the future of my relationship. My boyfriend and I were talking about how our lives are changing and how things will be different next semester. He is taking on a lot of credits and will be Heavily involved in his Fraternity during the spring semester. I will be working more and hopefully in progress of joining my own. I have intense apprehensions about that also; not making it this year will really crush me, considering it will be my second attempt and I am a Junior, but that is a whole different post. ANYWAY If I receive that pleasure my schedule will be effected also-I wont have as much time for him, BUT I PLANNED ON putting in the effort to make the time. During our talk regarding this I just started to feel resentment and hurt in a weird way.  Not just emotionally but physically. My chest hurt yet I felt numb. I didn't wanna talk anymore. I think I reacted this way because the way he handled the situation made me feel like it doesn't matter to him either way what happens. Maybe he was trying to make light of the situation but I all I wanted to do was cry. I have never been to this place in my life and not knowing where it will go from here and hearing from him that he doesn't know if he will put in the effort to make it work makes me feel......Well how will you feel? I know that we will have to take a break at some point next semester and I am dreading it so this conversation didn't make me feel any better.  I tend to overreact sometimes but just because things don't always make sense doesn't mean I wont feel how I feel.

 I wondered whats next. One year left. One more year [plus a semester] to figure out where it is I will go and what direction the next chapter of my life is pointed to. Maybe God is telling me that I need to focus. I have been telling myself since the summer that I was going to make more time for me and find myself individually, but that never happened. Is it my time to break away? A Break? Maybe being celibate and not participating  in sex, drugs, or drinking may open a door that will help me discover who Kayla is. Who Kayla wants to be. Not what Kayla wants to do but what mark Kayla plans to leave on this earth.

I wonder...

Xo Kayla

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Updated Fall Shoe List

I have updated my list! I added some color and removed some unnecessary items.  The green checks are on the shoes I have acquired already since I originally started the list in late September. Next to purchase are the red suede pumps and the cream ankle boots. Followed most likely by the Nine west boots.
Last post of the night. Have a good night everyone! Feel free to leave comments! :)

XO Kayla

Saturday Color

I have really been inspired by  red and plum this fall! I just love simply all black with a pop of color [rather it be the shoes, bag, or hat].  Recently I have added an amazing suede red pump to my Fall/Winter shoe additions list. Of course I found them on [My favorite shopping site]. I may go check them out at Pentagon City Mall tomorrow because I love them so much and wish to wear the immediately! ha! If I end up getting them I will Post!
I am having a pretty dull weekend and really have the urge to get dressed up and go out! Maybe my boyfriend and I will!
Happy Saturday!

XO Kayla

Color Saturday

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bad hair Good day

Morning All!
One of my classes was cancelled today which makes me very happy cause I have a little free time to blog. Did you guys enjoy the last post? I know it was super random but I am going to start incorporating more of my life in my blog because that is really the reason I started it in the first place.
I haven't had the best hair the past two days and I know I just need to buy some more shampoo and go to work, but until then head wraps have been turning my bad hair days into good days!

Its almost Friday everyone! :)

XO Kayla

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I want to start writing more and adding more lifestyle components to my blog so here we go.

I woke up this morning feeling perplexed. Wondering: 
A. why my body was hurting so much
B. How this drug test will go later this afternoon
C. Why my boyfriend can't seem to stay on his side of the bed 
All of theses questions have no answers still but the only thing I do know is that today is going to be a good day.Last night I was giving one of my friends some advice on twitter. She tweeted that she was at her breaking point. I have always believed that everyone has a breaking point but here in college when you are on the grind and you are looking to gain a degree and be successful, you should look at your 'breaking point' different.
I replied to her saying You aren't at your breaking point until your broken. Keep pushing and just trust God.
It's really weird that I can give advice and encouragement to people all the time, yet I don't apply it to myself as I should. I know that I need to continue to push myself. I tend to take the back seat and say I am in college and I will do this or that when I am closer to graduation. The Alpha Kappa Psi interest meeting last night really made me rethink this completely. I can do all those things now. 
I can make those career connections now.
I can train professionally in my field outside the classroom now.
I can achieve anything I want Now
I can do anything I want now, because in Reality being a junior in college approaching your second semester IS close to graduation. 

I know that my body was hurting this morning not only because of the way I was sleeping due to my boyfriend taking over the bed, but also because I haven't been taking care of myself. I haven't been eating. I am not trying to lose weight or fast, I just haven't had an appetite over that past two weeks. I also haven't been stretching after my dance rehearsals which is imperative for the body. 
Sooooooooooo lastly this drug test. Today I have a drug test for a job I got last week. I have never had to take a drug test so I am just eager to get it over with so I can start working. I emailed the GM at the restaurant like she told me, but I haven't received an email back and its been two days. I think I am going to call later this morning to see what is going on because I am going to be Highly upset if they have filled the position. But then again I don't see why they would when they already offered me the job. Either way I am ready to get this drug test over with so I can get to rehearsal tonight.
I am glad that I am pushing myself with dance this year. Dance has been my passion for as long as I can remember really. It bring out the joy I have inside but at the same time allows me to release my pain and frustrations. I would really like to do a piece this year and a solo so I hope Dominique [our company director] is down for that. 
Uhhh it is now 8:53 and my boyfriend is now up and has taken over the bathroom. wtf?!
This is about to be and interesting morning. 

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!

XO Kayla

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Favorites of the [Last] Week


Here are a few outfits I came across last week that I love!!
1. Beyonce: These shoes have taken fashion to a whole new level.
2. Kim Kardashian: I love the headband. Very much my style. 
3. Jessica Alba : I love the belt with the skirt! She def rocked this casual outfit.

XO Kayla

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Maxi

This is one of my favorite and only maxi skirts. I love it! It is green in the front but black on the back. The material has kinda of shrunk since I first got it which I don't love but other than that its awesome!

 Wearing: Vintage jacket, Lucky Brand scarf, UO skirt an sunglasses, Vintage purse, Marc Jacobs watch, Asos wedges and socks. 

XO Kayla

Leather This Fall

Leather This Fall

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The weekend....I can't wait for you again

Here are some pics from my weekend. It was very interesting. The weather in DC was super random and I had some really artistic and innovative things on my mind that I plan on sharing with you all soon! 

 A old picture of me I found on my camera from freshman year of college.

A Picture from one of my many trips to Pittsburgh this past summer to visit my boyfriend. 

The DC snow storm Saturday evening

 DC the next Sunday morning. This weather is so unpredictable!

My boyfriend and I made Pulled Pork Egg rolls. They were AMAZING! (recipe here)

 Before a night out sometime last year

A sign in one of the dorms on my campus. This is amazing, shout out to the artist!

My Marc Jacobs watch and my DVD collection

Thanks for checking out my randoms!

XO Kayla