Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I want to start writing more and adding more lifestyle components to my blog so here we go.

I woke up this morning feeling perplexed. Wondering: 
A. why my body was hurting so much
B. How this drug test will go later this afternoon
C. Why my boyfriend can't seem to stay on his side of the bed 
All of theses questions have no answers still but the only thing I do know is that today is going to be a good day.Last night I was giving one of my friends some advice on twitter. She tweeted that she was at her breaking point. I have always believed that everyone has a breaking point but here in college when you are on the grind and you are looking to gain a degree and be successful, you should look at your 'breaking point' different.
I replied to her saying You aren't at your breaking point until your broken. Keep pushing and just trust God.
It's really weird that I can give advice and encouragement to people all the time, yet I don't apply it to myself as I should. I know that I need to continue to push myself. I tend to take the back seat and say I am in college and I will do this or that when I am closer to graduation. The Alpha Kappa Psi interest meeting last night really made me rethink this completely. I can do all those things now. 
I can make those career connections now.
I can train professionally in my field outside the classroom now.
I can achieve anything I want Now
I can do anything I want now, because in Reality being a junior in college approaching your second semester IS close to graduation. 

I know that my body was hurting this morning not only because of the way I was sleeping due to my boyfriend taking over the bed, but also because I haven't been taking care of myself. I haven't been eating. I am not trying to lose weight or fast, I just haven't had an appetite over that past two weeks. I also haven't been stretching after my dance rehearsals which is imperative for the body. 
Sooooooooooo lastly this drug test. Today I have a drug test for a job I got last week. I have never had to take a drug test so I am just eager to get it over with so I can start working. I emailed the GM at the restaurant like she told me, but I haven't received an email back and its been two days. I think I am going to call later this morning to see what is going on because I am going to be Highly upset if they have filled the position. But then again I don't see why they would when they already offered me the job. Either way I am ready to get this drug test over with so I can get to rehearsal tonight.
I am glad that I am pushing myself with dance this year. Dance has been my passion for as long as I can remember really. It bring out the joy I have inside but at the same time allows me to release my pain and frustrations. I would really like to do a piece this year and a solo so I hope Dominique [our company director] is down for that. 
Uhhh it is now 8:53 and my boyfriend is now up and has taken over the bathroom. wtf?!
This is about to be and interesting morning. 

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!

XO Kayla