Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The weekend....I can't wait for you again

Here are some pics from my weekend. It was very interesting. The weather in DC was super random and I had some really artistic and innovative things on my mind that I plan on sharing with you all soon! 

 A old picture of me I found on my camera from freshman year of college.

A Picture from one of my many trips to Pittsburgh this past summer to visit my boyfriend. 

The DC snow storm Saturday evening

 DC the next Sunday morning. This weather is so unpredictable!

My boyfriend and I made Pulled Pork Egg rolls. They were AMAZING! (recipe here)

 Before a night out sometime last year

A sign in one of the dorms on my campus. This is amazing, shout out to the artist!

My Marc Jacobs watch and my DVD collection

Thanks for checking out my randoms!

XO Kayla