Monday, November 21, 2011

5th Floor

I refuse to be broken for too long. Anything you want, you will. This fact gives me closure.
I come from strong women. I come from faith, from hard work, from strength, from pain. I come from champions, from over comers, from professionals, from hope. I come from intellect, from fabulousity, from ease. I come from people who are children of God, where his grace fits them to their curves and hold them when they can no longer hold themselves. I come from grace, from mercy, from fighters. These things have built me, stacked tall to 5 feet and 6 inches of abundance. I come from beauty, from grace, from class. I come from ladies, and so I shall bow out like a lady. Acting with respect even when it wasn't given to me. Speaking with honesty even when it wasn't spoken to me. Acting with care even when it wasn't granted to me.
The sun rises and falls the same way it has for hundreds of years. Nothing has changed like the suns rise an fall, only the way we view it. Life is about choices. The lord has given us the will to make our own. Sometimes you can't always make them but it is how you handle the ones that are made for you. You must live with the ones you do make. Always think first today in order to be proud tomorrow.

XO Kayla