The American society is suppose to stand for unity and freedom and while we say we stand for those values things surely have changed in these United Stated in 2013. Instead of loving one another is seems like our days are filled of killing and hurting one another. The GLAMFAM is a movement to promote the unity and advancement of young women. The movement involves supportive teaching from Kayla Monae on professionalism, self purpose and class in addition to fundraising events with partnered charities.
The GLAMFAM's first initiative will Monae Motivations. Every Friday Kayla Monae will post inspirational advice columns for young girls and women matriculating through this thing called life. As an unapologetic follower of Christ, Miss Monae believes that God is within all of us and through love and companionship he allows others to speak in our lives. Everything and everyone is a learning experience and while standing firm in our beliefs also living open mindedly to life's becomings.

XO Kayla Monae

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