Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boots are made for walking!

Hello Everyone!

I have been so excited about the fall coming I honestly really can't contain myself! lol It has been raining so horribly all week but I am happy because God brought me what I wanted, a Piece of fall. My closet is full of  blacks boots so I'm really glad to buy a few other colors.  The top on my list is a Light Brown boot. My first choice is the urban outfitter lace up boot (below) but it is sold out on the website, so I have considered the madewell boots below it.  Second on my list is an amazing green bootie from also on my list is a berry Marc Jacob Wedge platform boot. This is a stretch for my pockets but don't you think they are worth it?  For me this fall and winter will focus on coats, boots, and bags. 

The Riding Boots
Urban Outfitters $150

Madewell  $298
Madewell $298
Short Boots/Booties
Madewell $250

BCBG $595

Nine West $149

Which Boot is your favorite? Leave a comment below!
Thanks dolls!

XO Kayla