Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hello Everyone!
For many, the goal as a young adult in college is to decide what career to pursue once those four years come to an end. Some never do, and some stay longer because they do rather late, but I feel that I have an I’m right on track. Communications with in journalism is the field I have chosen and public relations is my area of concentration. I believe that concentrating in PR allows me to become well rounded in all the aspects of journalism. I am learning each aspect which will allow me to represent someone from a full rounded perspective. In this day and age corporations are leaning toward hiring people who are talented in multiple areas. Being a great PR practitioner along with being a broadcaster, writer, stylist, and creator shows my variety and innovative side. As I move forward in my education, my goal is to acquire even more skills, networks, and culture. 
Within the field of public relations my focus is corporate in the long run. I want to runPreview the public relations/ public affairs department for Estee Lauder cosmetics. I have a passion for beauty, style, and trends therefore that is my focus in PR. Although after graduation corporate is not my pursuit. I also have a passion for entertainment and international relations. I want to take my chances working as a publicist, for a firm, or for a personal company within the entertainment industry. I enjoy the comradery within the issues and I enjoy the media relations aspect of the industry; I believe that I can thrive there.
My main goal is to expand my own firm in an international corporation. I am in the first stages right now of developing my company; KaylaMonayPR . I specialize in the beauty, design, and cosmetic industries. I represent:
·        Fashion designers
·        Stylist
·        Make-up Artist
·        Bloggers
·        Hair Stylist
·        Cosmetic Companies
·        Hair Companies
·        TV Personalities
·        Interior Design/Home Furnishing
·        Beauty PR
·        Fashion PR
·        Celebrity PR
·        Extravagant Events
·        Branding
·        Crisis Control
·        Social Media
·        Luxury Public Relations
The steps moving forward from here are getting incorporated, a logo, website [which is currently being designed], client, then farther in the future a physically location.  Like many PR firms out there such as AllsionBrodPR and Haute PR, it is clear that success is achievable but as an African American women there are other aspects that may be more difficult. Nevertheless I have confidence in my abilities, my infatuation, and my passion for the profession and the industry. Anyone looking for representation feel free to email :

I plan on designing the layout and interior for my office one day. 

Below is a video from StillBeautyPR that is really awesome. It has inspired my future endeavors. 

XO Kayla Monay