Friday, February 3, 2012

Natural Hair 2012

Evening Dolls! 
Many of you may not know but this winter 2012 I went COMPLETELY natural. I was in between natural and relaxed an had begun cutting my hair April 2011. I completely cut all the relaxed ends in December. I really think it was just time to live in my own hair, but I had  no idea it would be so emotional! I loved relaxers because they made my hair straight/wavy and easier to manage. However, God makes everyone with no mistakes, so there is no need for me to try an manipulate my texture. I love it! All hair is beautiful and I wish I had done this sooner! Natural girls out there PLEASE leave some comments on some great ways to manage natural hair. ANYTHING! I will leave a before and after below, Enjoy!

Christmas 2012

BEFORE                                             AFTER
One Day I'll be here! 

XO Kayla Monay

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