Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Natural 2.0

Hello Dolls!
So I took my hair down this morning and I feel extremely liberated. 
Going natural was a step but wearing short natural hair while trying different styles and getting comfortable with it is another. I know that my hair will grow, but I am impatient person. I just want it to be huge! In the mean time I just have to find different styles that work for me and my type of hair. My hair is a 4a according to the hair chart many people follow, so it is tight coiled curls. My hair is naturally dry and sometimes unruly so I have to find great ways to keep it moisturized, which I have found through oil mixes and unrefined Shea butter. While I am proud of my natural texture its hard not to be insecure and miss my extensions with the society we live in. This society is extremely European fueled with that race being the majority so long and straight is always associate with beauty but there is beautiful beyond straight long hair and I am accepting that.
I have found an amazing women on youtube, naptural85 , that has helped me with nourishment and styling for our type of hair. She has taught me ways to make products at home that are so much better for the hair. I have already began making my own Flax seed gel and butter mix and I am SO excited! I am going to make a hair journey video a year from today to document my progress and post it. Going natural is not easy but it will be so worth it! Many of my friends have gone natural also so its even more exciting! I will leave some pics below of my products, hair, and looks I aspired to try as my hair grows. 

 All the oils I use in my oil mix and the apple cider vinegar that I use for deep conditions. 

 Aloe Vera Juice I use for my everyday spray mix. I fill half of the bottle with it an the other half with water. 
 My Oil Mix
My leave in condition, conditioner, and shampoo. 

One of my girlfriend who went natural this past weekend.

 Today's look

XO Kayla Monay