Sunday, October 23, 2011

Looks of the Weekend

Here are a few looking that have inspired me today. As I grown and learn more about myself I see how much style is changing and becoming more versatile. All of these looks I have come across this weekend, which is funny considering how busy I have been.

 Color blocking is something I have never really seemed to like much, but I think that it really depends on the material and the pigment if the colors that makes it work for me. 

 I love anything fringe these days!

Love the pairing of colors and I'm ready for fall hats!

 Again fall hats! Also casual neutrals have always been a big favorite of mine.

Love this hair! It looks so soft and the texture looking amazing as well!

Love this bag and head scarf! My last little tribute to the summer :(
Thanks for stopping by, its time that I wind down. I will be uploading pictures from Howard University's homecoming week soon!

XO Kayla

XO Kayla