Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finally Uploaded

There are a ton of pictures that I have totally forgotten to post; probably because I took most of them on my webcam. It is time to finally post them. Enjoy!

 Wearing F21 cami, levi white jeans, vintage blazer, UO belt. 

Wearing vintage blazer, J.crew top, H&M jeans, F21 hat, vintage earrings.

Wearing F21 hat, J.Crew tank, AE jacket, UO belt, AE striped shorts, topshop wedges, vintage earrings and headband.

All of these photos were taken in my room. Excuse the fridge, my boyfriend recently moved and is using my space for his stuff ha.  Gotta run I am Headed out to class, will post today's make-up and look later.

XO Kayla