Thursday, October 6, 2011

Make-Up :The Daily Routine

So my daily facial routine, including make up, takes so much time. It's actually out of hand! I was talking to my boyfriend about this while getting ready this morning. I think I need to find some ways to cut down the time and make certain things quicker. Right now my daily routine follows.
Daily Make-up Routine

1.  First I use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer; I think I am going to start using something else because I have semi-dry skin and this product doesn't help. I need something with more moisture. Suggestions?
2. Blistex to get my lips soft 
3. M.A.C. Paint pot for my lids as a primer
4. Benefit Erase paste. This is a Great product. It brightens and makes the under eye area of the face so amazing. 
5. Urban Decay Naked: I use this palette almost every day. Its so versatile. Love it!
6. Loreal gel eyeliner (top lips only)
7. Select Cover up in NW 45. Great concealer. Using a M.A.C. 224 Brush
8. I used benefit brow zing for my brows
9. M.A.C. Powder Foundation. Using a Dual fiber M.A.C 187 Brush
10. I use many mascaras. First L'Oreal million lashes
11. Next SMASHBOX full exposure
12. Finally Falsies for volume
13. For blush I used Nars Taos with a M.A.C. 129 brush
14. For a nude lip (for mu skin tone) I used Touch by M.A.C. 

I need to find a amazing setting powder for days I wear liquid foundation. Suggestion?

Today's Finishes Product

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Please leave a comment if you use a tinted moisturizer that is for dry skin. 

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