Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the poem you Should have read

Coffee is Rich brown, fit for the grind, sound
of feet beating the pavement, the feet of hearts with dreams.

We know not of life's beautiful plans,
when it burns us while crossing like hot sand.
We cross on and fill the cup fair,
coffee needs a cream oh a blissful pair.

Together through any additions an adversities.

It's crazy how quickly the cup teetered with strife,
time to re-pour with respect showing the world our light.
Destroy any spoil, release any pain,
mistakes don't negate how love remains.
Over-comers we are, over struggle we'll rise
on a journey where together we'd laugh and together we'd cry. 

Can this pair mix, take a chance again sound,
to create the most magnificent swirls of the most profound.
Blessed with a father’s spoon, only something the Lord can ration,  
your honey dippin energy fuzed with my lightning’s of chocolate passion.

For this new coffee can pour their light on the world,
Cherishing each moment to do His will.
The sunshine is back, full song only for your girl,
Focus not on the past allowing peace to be still.

Coffee’s wonders if cream will recover from spoil at all,
and Join the refreshing of a new beginning at last,
Complete the swirl not letting fear be the soil and fall,
Saying my want of our love outweighs fear so we'll never look back.

The Cream in my Coffee.