Friday, November 9, 2012

4 More Years!

This country has been blessed to be lead again by an amazing, sincere, phenomenal man. 
My President, Barack Obama. 
I thank God for this victory and I am excited for the journey and the progression the country will take and make for the next four years. My school, Howard University, held a viewing party at our student center, Blackburn Center. The turn out was more than expected and the enthusiasm was through the roof. Reporters came from a number of different television stations to document the event. Students at my university are educated on the issues, voted, and were honored to be apart of such a historic moment. This is a part of history we will tell our children about and share moment by moment stories with. My friends and I (along with my entire school and people from all over the DMV area) traveled to the white house to celebrate. Living in DC during a time like this is nothing short of amazing. People were yelling and chanting in the streets, honking, hanging outside their car and apartment windows saying, 'FOUR MORE YEARS!' Last night everyone was unified in the fact that we didn't let Romney hold us back. My favorite chant of the night was exactly that, which is play off of Rick Ross's song 'Hold me back' : "Romney can't hold us back!". I pray for Barack Obama and his families safety and I look FORWARD to inauguration in January. I had an amazing time and it was a night I will never forget. This is life. This is our new AMERICA!

 XO Kayla Monae