Sunday, August 28, 2011

Frantic For Fall

Hello Dolls!

I am super excited for fall! Fall is my favorite season when it comes to style and trends. I was scanning through some of the blogs I faithfully read and I really like the trends of fall 2008-9. Blazers and prints, lots of colors, Wedges, etc. What is most important is tailoring. Tailoring can make an entire outfit 100% better. I have recently been reading (Again!!) The Little Black Book of Style {By Nina Garcia} and I am ready for fall today! :) Since it is only the last week of August its not yet that time but we are soooo close!

The books really gave me some insight on how to stay classically chic while integrating some of the trends as the years change. I recommend that every young women go out and get one. Amazing!

Are you ready for fall?

I love all of these outfit combinations for the early fall. Shoulders pretty much covered with legs out. For me personally my chest and arms are the most important during the fall, my legs can withstand a little wind. I love the skirt boot combination for this fall, with tons of color and tailoring.

These fall styles are more realistic for when the temperature drops.
They are All Fabulous! Tell me which one is your favorite!!

Bye Dolls!

Brands: AA, Zara, Gap, D&G,Coach,RL, Marni Shoes, and more!

See you later!
XO Kayla