Thursday, January 22, 2015

Restaurant of the Week : Green Bar Kitchen

Hello Everyone!

I am back for another " Restaurant of the Week". This week I went healthy since I was out with my brother who is a professional tennis player, I kind of had not choice lol. This is a place that I so I am excited to show you!! This week I visited, Green Bar Kitchen and Restaurant. 

Green Bar is a 100% vegan restaurant.
Overall I loved their decor. It had a clean, vintage but modern look and I enjoyed the simplicity. Although, I ended up sitting outside on the patio. The patio was covered so there just not too much sun, but just enough.


Avocado Toast
This is my favorite dish by far from the lunch menu! I don't usually like raw avocado but the pink peppercorns gave it a sweetness that was perfect. It is served on Millet toast.


Smokehouse Burger 
This Burger was amazing! The catch is that it is not a real burger of course. This Pattie is made of brown rice, quinoa, chickpea, roasted vegetables, parsley, sunflower seeds, garlic and spice mix. It had the perfect pairing for a savory but light burger. The side of the day was coleslaw. 
Spicy Asian Tacos
These were delicious! The tacos are GMO-free and the 'chicken' is really tofu. The part I loved was that it was so hard to tell. They tasted like authentic chicken tacos! The best part was the kick that scallions gave the spicy Asian sauce. 

I hope you all enjoyed this week's restaurant! I give this place a A- 
Stay tuned for the next "Restaurant of the Week"!

XO Kayla Monae