Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dubstep: A Musical Revolution

Young ravers around the planet are jumping in all directions to funky bass lines as Dj’s turn the pacman and Tetris theme songs into chaotic techno remixes. They are finally experiencing the endless number of electric musical creations that have fueled the fires of an electronic musical revolution. Yes... Dubstep!

Dubstep is an old style of electronic music that has just recently became quite the rave. It is composed by using polyphonic tones and pitches. Most Dubstep is sampled from existing songs and typically if there is a song out, there are dustup remixes to the track.

The genre has been around since appromiatly1999 when drum and bass instrumentals first emerged into the electronic music community. One cannot really say where the genre was birthed because it was a global movement that involved a lot of different people making different drum and bass beats and collaborating to make a blend that eventually emerged.

The genre has its own unique style of dancing called "Dubstep free styling". This is where B-boys and girls will freestyle dance to a Dustup song of their preference. It is a mixture of flexing, krumping and popping. A Dubstep song should never just be heard, it should be felt as well. So make sure you have your subwoofers turned all the way up to get a full experience. Dubstep shows how deep bass and melodic electronic waves in the music can brew excitement.

“The purpose of dustup is to touch the listener's heart and get them moving, even if it is just a head nod.” said Dubstep DJ pioneer Digital Mystikz in a recent interview.

Many of today’s musical pioneers and moguls including Kanye west, Machine Gun Kelly and Tyga have used sampled Dubstep songs as instrumentals for their hits. Dubstep has even crept its way onto BET, where DJ AraabMuzik performed live for the second annual Rip the Runway Fashion Show.

“I loved DJ ArrabMuzik! I am glad that dubstep is entering into the field main stream music with such a strong presence that is well received.” said dubstep listener and Howard University student, Candace Laurence, in an interview after BET Rip the Runway Fashion Show.

Dubstep is colliding with all categories of music and with its diverse alterations of sound and music type, it is sure to more than sweep the world as it becomes a pestilence for other genres to compete with.

Interested in the genre? World favorites would include DJ's such as: Skrillex (performed at time square for the dropping of the ball), Doctor DJ Nero, Rusko, Flux Pavillion, DJ Fresh, Cookie Monsta, and of course one of the key pioneers, Skream.

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 Written by: Regis Peeples
Edited by: Kayla Ward