Monday, June 20, 2011


Maybe we should take a break. I don’t know what else to do because it just seems like It not going to work. Maybe because its his first week at work an its hectic but its like other than work what do you have to do? Yehh I know hang with the suite mates and party and all that, but it that seems to be overtaking attention from me an its only been a week. I mean everyone that knows me knows that I am an attention whore. I admit that. And its the small things, it just the small things. Like morning text and random I love yous, and when I send you a pic to compliment it or just anything…ANYTHING. I mean getting morning text from other people is like… shouldn’t my bf be doing that? but whatever. Maybe I am overreacting because I miss him but if we take a break I can hang with other people and live it up with out feeling guilty. Not to get involved with other people because that’s not what I want. uhh idk what I want. I just know I wanna be thought about, and Actions made on those thoughts. Am I overreacting?
I just wanna push him out of my mind so I don’t have to deal with these feelings at all and I can just live. But you can’t really push the man you love out of your mind. And I don’t wanna say anything more because I have already said something and the response I got was barely anything just the “i feel u” like oooo wtf? Maybe that means some actions will start soon..IDK 
Long Distance is NOOOOOT my thing.